How Curing Light works? Tech Focus 4

Curing light technique is widely used in chemical engineering, polymer processing and medicine to generate heat in the targeted area. Infrared, Ultra violet, Halogen light etc are usually used in curing light technique. With the introduction of high power LEDs, blue LED light is now used as a source for curing light technique.Dental curing light is  used by the dentists for treating tooth cavities or filling root canals.

The new light curing technique is based on Blue LED. High power LED (3 or 5 Watts) is used as the light source which emits blue light in the wave length of 430-485 nano meters. Light intensity can reach 1000 milli watt per cm2 and the timing of curing usually 10 -20 seconds can be set using a timer. The LED lamp hardly generates heat so the operation is comfortable. The light output can be adjusted as Fast, Ramp or Pulse depending on the requirements.
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