CD 4024 Toggle Switch- Design Trick 2

CD4024 is the CMOS Ripple- carry Binary counter / Divider IC used in Control counters, Frequency dividers, Timers and in Time delay circuits.CD 4024 is the 7-stage ripple counter with Master slave Flip-Flops. The counter advances with each negative going pulse in its input. A high going pulse in the reset pin will reset all the counters in zero state. Schmitt trigger action in the input pulse line permits unlimited rise and fall times. All the inputs and outputs are buffered.

IC CD4024 can be designed as a simple flip-flop to drive a relay to operate AC /DC loads. Normally, IC gives a high output and T1 conducts. This keeps T2 off. Relay will be in the deactivated state. When a High to low pulse is applied to the input pin1, Q0 output turns low and T1 switches off. This allows T2 to conduct and relay energizes.