Flashing Beeps. Beginner’s Trial 9

Just a Fun. Make this Beeper using a Multicolour LED. The flashing Multicolour LED gives different colours which changes slowly as well as fast. This circuit gives beautiful colour pattern along with beeps in varying tones. Try and show it to your friends.

The Multicolour LED has three chips inside for three colours like Red, Green and Blue. The chips light one by one in sequence and finally all the chips light very fast giving a Multicolour display. This can be exploited to give a colour display and beeps. Transistor BC547 on/off according to the flashing of LED. The buzzer connected to the collector of transistor behaves according to the flashing of LED with varying tones. Use 3-12 volt Mini buzzer with continuous tone .

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  1. how much the multicolour LED cost?what changes to be made for connecting to 12 v supply>?

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