Plug in Emergency Lamp. Utility Gadgets 1

This Mini portable White LED Emergency Lamp is highly useful in the event of an unexpected power failure. It gives sufficient light in the room. It is too small and is an ideal utility gadget for the use in camp places during journey. It can be plugged in just like a Mobile charger.

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Thermister based Fire Alarm. Unusual Design 4

What happens when only a few pins of 555 is used? Still we can make circuits. Here ,is a simple Fire alarm  based on IC555. The trigger pin2 is used to achieve the result in addition the VCC and Ground pins. In this design, the IC555 act like a switch to give  high output. When the temperature in the Room or a device exceeds the set limit, alarm sounds.
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Unusual 555 Oscillator. Unusual Design. 3

IC555 is making me happy. This tiny chip can be exploited in many ways. Here I am using Output pin3 and Threshold pin 6 to make an Audio oscillator. Another unusual way to design an Astable.
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