Thermister based Fire Alarm. Unusual Design 4

What happens when only a few pins of 555 is used? Still we can make circuits. Here ,is a simple Fire alarm  based on IC555. The trigger pin2 is used to achieve the result in addition the VCC and Ground pins. In this design, the IC555 act like a switch to give  high output. When the temperature in the Room or a device exceeds the set limit, alarm sounds.

The output of IC 555 goes high when its Trigger pin 2 is below 1/3 Vcc. An NTC Thermister is used to set this voltage. Resistance of NTC Thermister reduces when the temperature increases. So let us see what happens. VR1 is adjusted to give more than 1/3 Vcc to the trigger pin2. NTC Thermister also has resistance of 4.7K at normal temperature. So the output of IC remains low. When the temperature increases, resistance of Thermister drops, the trigger pin goes below 1/3 Vcc , output of IC turns high and buzzer beeps.

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2 thoughts on “Thermister based Fire Alarm. Unusual Design 4

  1. wonderful sir! and one more idea… most of the devices are heat sensitive and some of the transistors like the olden days AC128 are light sensitive too (when their capsule is opened). It was discussed in EFY mag. some 20 years back. I just want to remind our readers about this. All of the DC motors used in tape recorders produce electricity when manually turned… like that we can try reversing some of the components.

    1. Yes sir ,lot of experimentation is possible. I purchased a hand rotating mobile charger. A small DC motor and two diodes are in it. Its shaft is used for rotating. Similar tricks are possible. Sir I know that you have lot of such ideas in mind. If you are willing, you can contribute to my Blog or in the Facebook (only for learning). This is the link

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