Notepad Lamp. Utility Gadgets.4

This is another my useful Utility Gadget circuit published in Electronics For You March 2008 issue. It turns on a White LED lamp for 3 minutes when the Telephone rings so as to help you to write telephone number, brief note etc during the call. It also helps to locate phone in darkness.

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Peak Hour Timer. Utility Gadgets.3

This is one of my most attracted Circuit published in Electronics for You Magazine September 2008 issue. The circuit is doing a great job. It automatically cut off the Fridge during the Peak hours from 6 pm to 9 pm saving lot of energy and money. After the peak hours, the Fridge will turn on automatically. Try it and  avoid the task of manually switching off the Fridge every day during peak hours.

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High- Low Voltage Cut Off. Utility Gadgets.2

Protect your appliances from High and Low voltage fluctuations. This simple circuit can do a lot and immediately break the power from the appliance if there is any increase or decrease in the Mains voltage. It similar to the working of A Stabilizer to sense high and low voltage fluctuations. The trick is simple and the circuit costs only Rs.100.
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