Boost Charger. Utility Gadget .8

Here is a Boost charger to start vehicle if the battery is down. Just connect the charger to the battery terminals (in the connected position) and start the vehicle. It will immediately charge the battery and the vehicle will start. Once the vehicle is started, the current from Dynamo will charge further. You can then disconnect the charger. It is an ideal charger to keep in the vehicle to avoid confusion due to vehicle breakdown related to battery problems. It delivers 15 volt DC and 10 Amps current for the boost charging. Partially discharged battery takes very long time from 24 to 48 hours to attain full charge. A boost charging will speed up the charging process and trigger the chemical reaction within the battery. So if the inverter or car battery is not accepting charge, it is ideal to boost charge for 1 hour and then charging with low current as usual.

A very good Tip to start a breakdown vehicle due to battery failure is added. See how it works.

The Step-down transformer is 15-0-15 volt 10 ampere type. Usually this kind of transformer is not commonly available in shops. If it is not available, you have to order for winding the same with the required specification. The rectifier diodes used are 15 Ampere Stud Mounted high current silicon rectifiers 1N3208 which cost around Rs.100 for each. Rectified DC is then smoothed by 470 uF high voltage type capacitor since the current is very high. The capacitor will not remove the ripples completely and the ripple containing “Dirty DC” is ideal for charging since the DC is somewhat pulsating.

Mount the diodes on an aluminium sheet (available as heat sink) and tighten with nuts. Take connection from the cathode junctions of the diodes. Connect the Anodes to the transformer secondary using connectors.Use Very high gauge wires to connect the charger with the battery since the current is very high. The charger cost around Rs. 600.


A hand of Help

What will we do if the Vehicle breakdowns in Road due to Battery failure? Either we call a mechanic or leave the vehicle on the road side. Don’t go for that. See the image

Always keep this set up in the vehicle.Just ask a nearby vehicle’s owner for a help. Connect the Crocodile clips  in the battery of the vehicle and the other ends to your discharged battery without removing the battery terminals. Then ask your helping friend to start the vehicle for 5 minutes and stay started.Then start your vehicle without disconnecting the set up.Once your vehicle is started, keep the vehicle in neutral and hand break and remove the clips from both the batteries. Give a big thanks to the vehicle owner and go to the workshop or home without stopping the vehicle anywhere.