DC Mobile Charger. Utility Gadgets .11

You can use this simple Mobile charger using 6 volt Emergency lamp battery. Take an out from the Emergency lamp battery using a Mono jack socket and plug in this charger into it using a Jack. On the other end, connect it to the mobile phone using a suitable jack. Full safe, no damage due to power line spikes, lightning etc. It also drains the emergency lamp battery which is good for its life because it is sleeping most days without use. You can also use the same circuit for 12 volt car battery .

1. Regulator IC 7805 Provides 5 volt for charging. Mobile battery is rated 3.6 volts but is requires 5-6 volts for charging.

2. Resistor R1 limits the charging current to a safer limit.

3. LED indicates the connection to mobile battery and charging status.

4. Diode D1 protects polarity


2 responses to “DC Mobile Charger. Utility Gadgets .11

  1. Hi, have you used this circuit ???? Its efficiency is very poor……
    I tried this kind of circuit some time ago, but I used 47R in place of 147R, then also the charging current was very very low and after making 5 – 6 hours also the battery voltage increased by 0.01 v. Do you have a better circuit for charging the mobile battery ?????

    • THe 4.5 Ah battery can deliver 4.5 ampere in one hour. IC7805 gives 5 volts and maximum 1 ampere current. As you said, it is not 147 ohms bur R1 47 Ohms which gives sufficient current for charging. Mobile battery needs 5 volts and around 300 ma current to charge in one hour.I think you used a charger using pen cells