Iris recognition system.How stuff works

Iris is the pigmented screen present in front of the lens of eye. The black melanin pigment in it prevents the entry of harmful rays and restricts the entry of light into the retina. The melanin in the iris consists of two distinct macro molecules called Eumelanin which is brown black in colour and Phenomelanin which is yellow-reddish in colour. The pattern in the Iris is complex and unique that can be used as an identity mark. Biometric method of identification uses the Iris recognition system to record the image of the Iris. The system uses infrared illumination to acquire images of the detailed rich intricate patterns of the iris. Digital template obtained from the iris pattern through mathematical and statistical algorithms allow the identification of an individual because iris pattern is more unique than the finger print.

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3D Glass. How stuff works

Have you seen a 3D Film? It is really interesting and the images appear as seen in normal eyes in a  Three dimensional view. Now 3D films, 3D TV etc are popular and we are on the verge of a 3D boom. Special kind of glasses are provided in movie theaters to watch 3D Films. The 3D imaging or 3D animation uses special technology to record the film and special kinds of glasses are necessary to view the film. If you remove these glasses and watch the same movie with naked eyes, the incredible 3D experience would vanish and you would land up viewing distorted/blurred pictures. The 3D effect is due to an illusion of the depth to the viewer. Let us see the trick behind the 3D technology.

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