Computing Mouse. How Stuff Works

Computer Mouse ( Computing Mouse) is the input device of the computer which is a pointing device that detects the two dimensional motion relative to its supporting surface. The mouse has two or three buttons, to control the desktop screen and to provide various commands to the PC. The mouse sometime has a wheel to perform system dependent operations. The motion of the mouse is translated into the motion of the pointer on the display which controls the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Old type mouse has a ball to move on the surface but modern optical mouse uses reflected light to activate the circuitry inside. The Optical mouse has one or more Red LED and a Photodiode detector to accept the reflected light from the LED. The Photodiode detects the mouse movement relative to the underlying surface such as mouse pad or table top. In some mouse, laser is used instead of LED. The driver communicate the mouse movements in standard units called “Mickeys”

The controlling parts of the mouse are the Mouse buttons which on clicks interact with the element of graphical user interface. Mouse buttons use Micro switches which gives characteristic clicks on press. In Scroll type mouse, a wheel is provided at the top to scroll up or down the screen. The left button is used as the default one for the easy use of right handed persons. Left handed users usually reverse this configuration through software. The modern optical mouse can work on any opaque surface, but black or dark surface is more better. Optical mouse will not function on the surface of glass because there is no reflection of light from glass. Wireless mouse is battery powered and to save power, its LED lights continuously only when a steady movement is detected. The circuitry inside the mouse uses the 5 volt DC obtained from the PC.

The mouse cable may be with standard plugs like RS-232C, PS/2, ADB or USB. Wireless mouse on the other hand transmits data using infrared rays or radio waves. Any application that uses Microsoft standard can use a mouse with a Microsoft compatible driver. The mouse controls the motion of the pointer in two dimensions in a graphical user interface. Clicking can select files and programmes. A stylized motion of the mouse cursor is called Gesture that can issue a command for a specific action. The left button is meant for selecting items while the right button will bring up a menu for alternate actions.


The clicks of mouse button brings various actions in the graphic user interface

1. Single left click is the clicking of main button

2. Left double click is the clicking quick two clicks give a different gesture than two separate single clicks.

3. Left triple click is the quick clicking three times

4. Right click is for specific action

5. Dragging is the pressing of the left button, then moving the mouse without releasing the button.

6. Button chording is the combinations of Left and Right clicks or with the keybord button press.