Wi-Fi System. How Stuff Works


Wi-Fi is the trade mark of the Wi-Fi Alliance and the brand name of products using the IEEE 801.11 family of standards and not the short form of Wireless Fidelity as most of us think. Wi-Fi simply represents the trade mark of IEEE 802.11x. Wi-Fi is the technology that allows an electronic device to transfer data wirelessly using radio waves. It is the WLAN ( Wireless Local Area Network) used in home, office, educational institutions etc to provide wireless networking for the internet access. The common Wi-Fi activated systems like Computer, Mobile phone etc can be connected to the internet wirelessly through the Wi-Fi system. For this, the computer should have a wireless network interface controller called Station. The access point of Wi-Fi- is called Hot spot and may be a wireless Router or Modem. The Wi-Fi usually has a range of 20 meters in indoor applications. The technology of Wi-Fi came into action during 1985.

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