3 Amps Battery Charger.Utility Circuit 2

Here is a general purpose battery charger that can deliver 3 Ampere current at 12 Volts to charge Lead Acid battery or Tubular battery. The Ampere meter provided in the circuit indicates how much current is flowing into the battery. Two LED indicators are included to show the charging status.

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Battery Protector for Emergency Lamp.Utility Circuits 1

Emergency lamps do not have a facility to prevent the deep discharge of battery if the lamp remains on during day time. The fluorescent lamp filament also damages if it is glowing in low battery voltage. This causes blackening of the filament side that indicates the damaged filament. So we have to switch off the lamp in the morning and switch it on again in the evening. By adding this circuit in the emergency lamp, you can reduce the job of daily switching. This circuit offers two advantages

1. It prevents unnecessary discharge of battery during daytime
2. It charges the battery only during night. This save energy and prevents overcharging of the battery.

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Lead Acid Battery

A lead acid battery is composed of series of plates immersed in a solution of Sulphuric acid. Each plate has a Grid on which the active material is attached. In the negative plate, lead oxide is attached as the active material while on the positive plate, pure lead is attached. All the negative plates are connected together. Similarly all the positive plates are also connected together.

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Online and Offline UPS

An Uninterrupted Power Supply is essentially a back-up battery to power electronic gadgets like Computer in the event of a power failure. If it happens, the Gadget will draw power from the UPS and will run the load for a prescribed time depending on the capacity of the battery. The change over time from the mains to battery power is less than 5 milli seconds so that the computer will not shut down. This is essential to protect the data in the computer.

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Dropbox sharing


Difficulty in sending full size images through email? Here is a simple solution to share images and videos to anybody through email. Dropbox software provides 2 GB free space for sharing images and videos. Once the Dropbox software is installed in your computer, you can share the folder containing images as a whole within a few minutes. When the recipient opens the internet connection, the folder will be downloaded automatically. Let us see the method of installation of Dropbox and the image sharing method.

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Photon Belt and December 2012 phenomenon


There are predictions (or rumors) regarding the total blackness for three days from Dec 23 to Dec 25 2012. The predictions claim that the Universe will face a big change and the sun and earth are going to align for the first time. The earth will shift from the present three dimension to zero dimension and return back to the fourth dimension leading to the formation of a brand new world. The predictions also claims that on 21st December, the earth will enter a still ring called Photonic belt an extraordinary phenomenon that occurs once in 11 million years. A kind of showering with light from outer space. But the scientific world totally discarded such predictions and explains that the Photon belt is physically not possible because it requires the gravitational pull of a black hole with light rays being bent around the black hole forming a photon sphere. More over the Photon belt generating star Alcyone is some 440 light years away and the earth is moving away from the Alcyone. Anyway let us stay away from predictions and see the Photon belt phenomenon.

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December 2012 Phenomenon


Lot of confusion… Mayans calendar, Nibiru Cataclysm, Solar Flare, explanations from scientific world… Why Mayans Calendar ends in 21st December 2012. So many beliefs and arguments. What is the reason for this? The Mayan calendar is the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar that is characterized by its non repeating nature. The long count calendar identifies a day by counting the number of days passed since the Mythical creation date corresponds to August 11 BCE 3114 in the Gregorian calendar. The Maya were an ancient civilization of the now called Central America and Southern Mexico. During their heyday, the Mayans have developed some calendars to track the sacred days and also to mark the start and end of cyclical periods. They developed one calendar called Long Count and tracked the future long time periods. A group of people think that the 21st December marks the end of the existing world and rise of a new world. They link the date with Nibiru cataclysm which is the encounter between the Earth and a large planetary object. What actually signifies December 21st? Let us move from beliefs and Archeology to Astrophysics
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