DNA Hard Disk. How Stuff Works

Not possible to see now because it is not available in shops. It is a future reality that may emerge as DNA based microprocessor. DNA based computing is an emerging technology using the biomolecule DNA as the data storage molecule. It is possible since DNA is doing data storage in the form of genetic information. If DNA computers emerge, it can store billions of times more data than the present computer. The DNA molecule of genes has the potential to perform calculations many times faster than the present microprocessors. By using the Nanotechnology, it is possible to create Nano computers to replace the Silicon based computers.

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Tablet PC. How Stuff Works

Tablet PC or Tablet computer is the small sized PC with all the features of an ordinary Desktop computer. It is named so because of its shape and size and is essentially a mini laptop. It has a rotatable touch screen and operates in Widows and Linux. The concept of Tablet PC was developed by Microsoft in 2001 and now the term Tablet is also used for small touch screen devices functions like a PC.

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Credit Card. How Stuff Works



The Credit Card and ATM card is a kind of payment card issued by the Bank to the customers as a system of payment. The card allows the card holder to pay for the goods purchased as well as to withdraw money from ATM (Automated Teller Machine) counters. The Credit card is popularly called as Plastic money and is different from a Charge card. The Charge card requires the balance to be paid in full each month while the Credit cards allow the users a continuing balance of debt subject to the interest being charged. ATM card on the other hand is issued by the bank for the account holders to withdraw money from ATM counters without going to the bank. Unlike Debit and Credit cards, the ATM card requires authentication through a Personal Identification Number or PIN. Some banks provide a combined ATM and Debit card called Bank card for easy use in ATM counter as well in Point Of  Sale (POS) transactions.

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Router. How Stuff Works


Router is the essential part of the Wi-Fi system that forward data packets across the computer network from the broad band. It is a microprocessor controlled device that is used to connect two or more data lines from different networks. Router functions as a controller for the traffic direction from the network. When the data packet arrives, the router will read the address information for determining its destination. By reading the routing information in its Routing Table, the router then directs the data packet. The router also translates the Data Transmission Protocol for the appropriate protocol of the network and prevents the unauthorized network access with the help of firewall. The router will create a routing table of preferred routes between any two systems which are interconnected.
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