e-Book Reader. How Stuff Works


e- Book Reader or e-Reader is a small sized Tablet like mobile electronic device used to store and read the e-Books and Periodicals. The e-Book reader provides portability and readability especially in daylight. A single e-Book reader is equivalent to many books having hundreds of pages. The e-Book reader has a faster screen capable of high refresh rates so as to make the interaction easy. The e-Book reader uses the electronic paper technology to display the contents on the screen. Electronic paper technology is designed to mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on a paper. Unlike the backlight display screen, electronic paper technology uses reflected light as in the ordinary paper. It makes the reading comfortable like a book reading. Its display is generally black and white and colour e-book reader is rare.

Many e-Book Reader is equipped with Wi-Fi system to make link with the digital e-book seller to buy the digital e-Books. The e-book reader can download the digital books from the cloud. e- Book reader also has facility to transfer and store the digital books from the computer or read the book from a memory card.

e-Book formats vary depending on the publisher and the publisher can choose the format for publication and the user must download the software to read the book. Some common formats are Arcos Diffusion, Broad band e-book, Comic book Archive file, Compiled HTML,Daisy-Ansy,( Digital Accessible Information SYstem),DjVu,EPUB,eReader, Fiction book,Hypertext Markup Language,iBook( Apple), Microsoft LIT etc.


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