Flexible Electronics. How Stuff Works


Flexible electronics or Flex circuit is the technology for the assembly of circuits on a flexible plastic substrate such as Polyimide. The Flex circuits can be easily flex or bend during its use. The Flex circuit board is manufactured using Polylithographic technology. The Flex circuits find applications like Camera, Cellphone, Satellites etc. Flex circuits are used as connectors where flexibility is needed and they reduces the space considerably. A common application of Flex circuit is the computer key board. LCD display can also be made using Glass or thin transparent foil as substrate so that the entire system can be flexible. Organic LED (OLED) is used in such displays instead of the back light. The thin film of OLED along with the substrate form a flexible LCD display.
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e- Paper. How Stuff Works


e–Paper or Electronic paper is a kind of display technology used to mimic the appearance of an ordinary ink on the paper. Electronic paper displays the content using the reflected light so that reading is comfortable like the reading of a book. The e- Paper devices have large surface and wider viewing angle than other types of displays like LDC and LED displays. E-Paper can give clarity and without fading even in sunlight. Applications of e-Paper technology include e-Reader, Mobile phone display, Electronic bill boards, digital displays in commercial establishments etc. The Electronic paper technology can hold the static text indefinitely without using electricity.
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