Computer Key Board. How Stuff Works


Keyboard is the essential part of the computer used for the direct human input to the computer. It is a typewriter style device in which the buttons act as electronic switches to provide input to the computer. The common keyboard is the Alphanumeric keyboard with a combination of Alphabetic and Numeric keys. The keys in the keyboard correspond to written symbols, but to produce specific actions, combinations key stroke is necessary. Keyboard produces input for numbers, letters, signs etc. Some keys in the keyboard produce action or function commands. Normally the keyboard is used to type text and numbers in word processor or similar programmes and the interpretation of the keystroke is left to the software. The keystroke is identified by the software in the computer and expresses the data in visible form or as commands. The combination of Ctrl – Alt – Del keystroke opens the windows task manager to close a programme or to shut down the computer. The typical Keyboard consists of numeric keys, Number keys and Character keys and Function keys.

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