December 2012 Phenomenon


Lot of confusion… Mayans calendar, Nibiru Cataclysm, Solar Flare, explanations from scientific world… Why Mayans Calendar ends in 21st December 2012. So many beliefs and arguments. What is the reason for this? The Mayan calendar is the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar that is characterized by its non repeating nature. The long count calendar identifies a day by counting the number of days passed since the Mythical creation date corresponds to August 11 BCE 3114 in the Gregorian calendar. The Maya were an ancient civilization of the now called Central America and Southern Mexico. During their heyday, the Mayans have developed some calendars to track the sacred days and also to mark the start and end of cyclical periods. They developed one calendar called Long Count and tracked the future long time periods. A group of people think that the 21st December marks the end of the existing world and rise of a new world. They link the date with Nibiru cataclysm which is the encounter between the Earth and a large planetary object. What actually signifies December 21st? Let us move from beliefs and Archeology to Astrophysics

Mayans calendar ends in Dec 21, 2012 by completing one cycle and a group of people believe that it marks the formation of a new world with the end of the existing world. Why Mayans stopped the calendar on 21st December 2012? The Calendar does not mark the end of world but the start of the new world. True, they had the power to predict the conditions of the Solar system. The sun plays an important role in the final day of the Mayans calendar. What happens on 21st December 2012? Let us analyze.

The Solar system is a huge disc shaped collection of stars and planets called Milky Way. The Earth is located almost at the edge of the Milky Way slightly top. This location is going to change from top to bottom on 21st December 2012.On that day, the Sun is at its Solar Maximum, something will happen that is never happened for thousands of years. The Ecliptic of the Solar system will intersect with Galactic plane in the Milky Way. At present, the earth is drifting down and on December 21, 2012, the earth will be exactly form an X with the Galactic equator where the Galactic gravity is maximum. More over there will be maximum mass at this position and maximum gravity and therefore more influence from the Sun.

There are predictions about maximum Solar flare on 21st December, if it happens. The last Solar maximum was in 2001 and next is coming on December 2012 as most people think. These Solar flares are pieces of the sun that leaps into the space discharging very high amount of radiation and electric current while travelling into the space. The Solar Flare releases energy in many forms like electromagnetic waves including Gamma rays and X rays, Energetic particles like Protons and Electrons, and Mass flow. The Solar Flare is characterized by its X ray flux that gives the brightness. The key factor used to predict Solar flare is the condition of the Magnetic field around the Sun spots. If the magnetic field twists and shears, then the magnetic field lines can cross and reconnect with explosive release of energy.

If the radiations are high enough, that can interfere with Satellite and Mobile communications. The heat from the sun will be so high to affect the inhabitants of the earth. Sometimes a very high Flare called Coronal Mass Ejection may leave the sun during Solar maximum which can hit a planet. In 1989, one such solar flare caused mass destruction of the electricity power grids in some parts of the world leading to total blackout. So the sun will influence us a lot after December 2012. Changes in the Magnetic field, atmospheric temperature, gravitational force, radiation etc will affect our life. That is the Mayans prediction about the new world. But we cannot predict natural phenomena because these are beyond our thoughts and knowledge. Nature has the ability to manage everything including the protection of its inhabitants.

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