Photon Belt and December 2012 phenomenon


There are predictions (or rumors) regarding the total blackness for three days from Dec 23 to Dec 25 2012. The predictions claim that the Universe will face a big change and the sun and earth are going to align for the first time. The earth will shift from the present three dimension to zero dimension and return back to the fourth dimension leading to the formation of a brand new world. The predictions also claims that on 21st December, the earth will enter a still ring called Photonic belt an extraordinary phenomenon that occurs once in 11 million years. A kind of showering with light from outer space. But the scientific world totally discarded such predictions and explains that the Photon belt is physically not possible because it requires the gravitational pull of a black hole with light rays being bent around the black hole forming a photon sphere. More over the Photon belt generating star Alcyone is some 440 light years away and the earth is moving away from the Alcyone. Anyway let us stay away from predictions and see the Photon belt phenomenon.

The Photon belt, also called Photon band is a spiritual belief that a belt of photons is going to envelop the earth initiating a transition called Great shift. The Photon belt concept believes that, there is immense belt of photons orbiting around the Pleiades. The Photon is a boson that generates light through electromagnetic force. Pleiades is an open star cluster containing middle aged hot B type stars located in the constellation of Taurus. In Astronomy, these stars are called Seven sisters. It is among the nearest star clusters to earth and is visible in naked eyes. The cluster is dominated by hot blue stars that have extraordinary brightness. Alcyone is one of such bright star in the Taurus located approximately 370 light years from earth. The main star is the Alcyone A which is a blue white B type giant with high rotational velocity.


According to the New age belief, earth will pass through the photon belt resulting in humanity elevation to a higher plane of existence or end of the world or both. The concept of Photon belt was first presented by Paul Otto Hesse in 1950 which says that, the earth enters the Photon belt first that results like a pictorial fireworks. But if sun enters first, a radiation would interfere with the solar rays and there will be darkness that would last 110 hours after this everything will returns to normal. If earth enters first, there will be a great blaze and if sun enters first, there will be total darkness. But actually there is no darkness but due to the high intensity light from the photon belt, that interfere with the sunlight just like showering of stars on the earth. Due to these changes, the molecules like Iron, Calcium, Copper, Nitrogen, Carbon etc will change considerably leading to a change in matter.

The concept of Photon belt is a part of spiritual New Age Philosophy but is has some scientific basis like the existence of Pleiades, Alcyone, Extraordinary light from the stars, changes in the alignment of planets, magnetic field changes etc. The event of a Photon belt may or may not happen because everything is left to the nature.