Dropbox sharing


Difficulty in sending full size images through email? Here is a simple solution to share images and videos to anybody through email. Dropbox software provides 2 GB free space for sharing images and videos. Once the Dropbox software is installed in your computer, you can share the folder containing images as a whole within a few minutes. When the recipient opens the internet connection, the folder will be downloaded automatically. Let us see the method of installation of Dropbox and the image sharing method.

Go to  https://www.dropbox.com and register an account. After registration, you can sign in to use the software. Down load the Dropbox software from http://www.dropbox.com and install in your computer. Once it is installed you will get a confirmation mail, by clicking it, you will be prompted for email address verification. Once it is done, your computer will be ready for sharing the images.

1. The Dropbox icon will be available at the right bottom corner of the desktop. Click to open it.

2. Once the folder is opened, right click on it and make a New folder as you create in desktop.

3. Copy / Cut and paste all the images from the computer or digital camera into the newly created folder in the Dropbox.

4. The images will automatically sinks in the folder and you can see a tick in each image. If it is not sinking, right click and sink.

5. Now the folder is ready to share.

6. Right click on the folder containing the images. A menu will appear like Dropbox- share this folder.

7. When you click on it, a box will appear to give the e mail address of the contact persons to share the folder. You can give any number of email addresses and can share the folder at the same time.

8. After giving the email address ,click done. Sharing will takes place instantly.

9. When sharing is done, you will get a confirmation mail when the contact person receives the folder with the photos.

 Too simple you can send photos and videos up to 2 GB which is not possible through ordinary email. The whole process takes only 2 minutes. When the contact person opens internet connection, the folder will be downloaded automatically in his computer.