Pen Computing

The method of computer user interface using Tablet and Pen instead of mouse and key board is known as Pen Computing. Use of touch screen devices like Mobile phones, GPS, PDA etc using the Pen as input is also referred to as Pen Computing. Pen Computing essentially has a Stylus commonly known as the Pen and a hand writing detection device called Tablet. First Stylus called Styalator was used by Tom Dimond in 1957 as the computer input.

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Cloud Computing

The system that performs the delivery of computing as a service over the network is the Cloud Computing. It is the service that provides shared resources and software information to the computers. In Cloud computing, computation, software, data access etc are provided to the end users. The end user can access the informations in the network without needing to understand the system’s components and infrastructure. The term cloud is used to represent the Internet system similar to the cloud drawing used in earlier telephone system to give point-to-point data circuits for the Virtual private network.

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Bio computing is the construction and use of computers that functions like living things or having biological components such as DNA. Bio computing is also used in bioinformatics to assist the biological research. Bio computing uses Bio computers which uses biologically derived molecules such as Proteins and DNA. These are used for computational calculations including data storage, data retrieve, data processing etc.

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Touch screen Technology

Touch screen is the modern great looking monitor screen that is becoming a new user interface and industrial standard worldwide. Touch screens are now everywhere and are embedded in Mobile phones, Office instruments, Remote controls, Medical equipments, ATMs etc. Touch screens provide a high level of security from tampering, durability from wear, weather resistant etc.

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Neurobics rejuvenate your Brain

Our brain can learn , think and grow through interaction with the environment by perception and action.The human brain has the ability to adapt and rewire itself.During daytime, the brain receives millions of visual, auditory and other information which are processed during sleep to retain them as memory.Heavy workload of the brain makes it tired .Neurobics is the brain exercise using the five senses to rejuvenate the brain cells. Mental stimulation improves brain function and  protects against cognitive decline.

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Cross Training improves Memory

Cross training is the simple method to activate the two hemispheres of  brain. The right part of the brain is specialized in Visual and Emotional functions while the left brain is Analytical and Verbal. Based on our job and daily brain activities, either left or right part of the brain remains active while the other side is sleepy most of the time. The cross training will improve the neuronal activities and communication between both the brain halves. If you are a person concentrating in Art work or doing lab work, the right part of the brain is more active. If you are doing mathematics or accounting, your left brain is more active. So if you are a mathematician, doing some art work occasionally will cross train the brain.

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Why Mosquitoes bite us?

Definitely, mosquitoes are annoying and they can spread diseases also. Since each mosquito lays thousands of eggs, destroying a mosquito equals destroying thousands of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes have chemo sensors which enable them to detect the humans or any other animal by the odor, heat etc released by the body and also the carbon dioxide exhaled by the humans and the other animals. Mosquito bites are caused only by the bite of a female mosquito. The female mosquito feeds off our blood by piercing the skin with the proboscis, a modified mouth part. While sucking our blood, mosquito deposits some saliva into the skin. The saliva contains anticoagulant proteins that remain in our body and react with the body chemicals, resulting in the characteristic itching and bump. Both Male and Female Mosquito are Plant juice feeders but female mosquito bites human beings to get blood protein for the maturation of their eggs. On the first day of emerging from the pupa, female mosquito do not bite and on the second day, it mates and starts feeding human blood. After two or three days it lays thousands of eggs in water and die off.
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