Cross Training improves Memory

Cross training is the simple method to activate the two hemispheres of  brain. The right part of the brain is specialized in Visual and Emotional functions while the left brain is Analytical and Verbal. Based on our job and daily brain activities, either left or right part of the brain remains active while the other side is sleepy most of the time. The cross training will improve the neuronal activities and communication between both the brain halves. If you are a person concentrating in Art work or doing lab work, the right part of the brain is more active. If you are doing mathematics or accounting, your left brain is more active. So if you are a mathematician, doing some art work occasionally will cross train the brain.

Look-Snap-connect method improves memory

We have two kinds of Memory. Short term memory is short living for few minutes to few days and Long term memory which is long lasting. The wise reading and learning will convert the short term memory into long term memory. When we read something casually, we will forget 82% of it in 24 hours and 95% in one month. The main reason for this is that we are not giving much importance to the matter. Continuous revision will convert the short term memory that develops during reading into long term memory.
We can improve the memory using the Look-Snap-Connect method. Look means, looking or reading. Snap means making an image in the brain through imagination and visualization. Connect means the linking of the memory with the image created in the brain.