Neurobics rejuvenate your Brain

Our brain can learn , think and grow through interaction with the environment by perception and action.The human brain has the ability to adapt and rewire itself.During daytime, the brain receives millions of visual, auditory and other information which are processed during sleep to retain them as memory.Heavy workload of the brain makes it tired .Neurobics is the brain exercise using the five senses to rejuvenate the brain cells. Mental stimulation improves brain function and  protects against cognitive decline.

The term Neurobics was coined by the famous neurobiologists, Lawrence Katz and Manning Rubin to describe the mental exercise to keep the brain alert.Through neurobics, the brain’s performance can be increased.The concept behind the Neurobics is that unusual sensory stimulation of brain through non routine actions and thoughts can stimulate brain cells and more brain hormones will be produced.Daily routine activities are more or less automatic and occurs unconsciously.These automatic activities require less brains activity and brain gets less exercise. Neurobics can stimulate the brain cells and slow brain aging process as experts says.

How to do Neurobics

Neurobics essentially involves

1. Participation of one or more senses in a new context.

2. Full attention of the senses to a particular act

3. Breaks the routine activities in a significant way.

Neurobics can be done anywhere, anytime during our daily life.Doing Neurobics two or three times per day can improve the brain functions, memory etc. Here are some methods to do Neurobics.

1.Change your environment- Travel to some new places, shopping in new stores etc.
2.Smell a new fragrance in the morning
3. Bath in shower by closing eyes so that other senses will become active.
4. Try to change the clothing pattern. A new fashioned dress will improve your confidence.
5. Face uncomfortable situations confidently. Your brain will realize the way to see
the new situation.
6. Change your daily pattern occasionally. Try to brush your teeth using the non dominant
hand. Left or right.
7. Try to open the door using the non dominant hand.
8. Try to do work in a different posture in a different place.
9. Try to identify the coins with eyes closed. Through experience, you can do it.
10.Switch off lights and try to locate the door or window.
11.Watch TV or hear Music by smelling a flower.

By doing these simple tricks, we can improve our brain functions by giving new actions to the brain.