Computer Processor


When you think of purchasing a Computer, the first choice you have to make is, the best processor type because the Processing unit is the most important part of the Computer. The speed of computer, performance, multitasking ability, all depends on the processor. The CPU or the Processor is the Brain of computer allowing to process numeric data and executing the instructions stored in the memory. The Processor operates at the speed of an internal clock that sends pulses called Peaks. The clock speed called cycle is the number of pulses per second which  is represented in Hertz. With each peak of pulse, the processor performs a function based on the instruction. The term Cycles Per Instruction or CPI represents the average number of clock cycles required for the processor to execute an instruction. The latest version of processor is the family of Duo Core in which two processing units are present. Core duo was the first series by the Intel and Core 2 Duo is the next version. The Core 2 brand was introduced on July 27 ,2006 comprising Solo, Duo, Quad and Extreme sub brands.
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Computer RAM


Random Access Memory or RAM is the up gradable type of computer memory that can be accessed easily. It is named as Random access memory because any byte can be accessed without touching the preceding byte. SAM or Serial Access Memory is the opposite type in which the memory is arranged in a series of memory cells that can accessed only in a sequential way. RAM is an essential part of computer and Printers. RAM can be classified into DRAM and SRAM. DRAM or Dynamic Random Access Memory which needs to be refreshed thousands of times per second. SRAM or Static Random Access Memory is faster than DRAM so that refreshing in not necessary. More over the SRAM gives the access time as low as 10 nano seconds compared to the 60 nano seconds of DRAM. But due to the high cost of SRAM, DRAM is commonly used in computers. RAM has volatile memory which will wipe off when the power is switched off. Virtual memory is the method of extending the RAM capacity with a part of the Hard drive and Shadow RAM is another kind of RAM in which the contents of the ROM is copied to read-write memory to reduce the access time. RAM disk is the partitioned region of the physical RAM that can act as a faster Hard disk.

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Computer SMPS How Stuff Works

Switched Mode Power Supply uses a switching regulator to convert electric power efficiently. SMPS transfers electric power from a source ( AC mains) to the load by converting the characteristics of current and voltage. SMPS always provide a well regulated power to the load irrespective of the input variations. SMPS incorporates a Pass transistor that switches very fast typically at 50Hz and 1 MHz between the on and off states to minimize the energy waste. SMPS regulates the output power by varying the on to off time using minimum voltage so that efficiency is very higher compared to the linear power supply.

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