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This Blog is designed as a Bioelectronics page to add contents related to Biology and Electronics. First is my teaching subject and second one is my hobby subject. The blog is updating regularly with new topics and the result is the increase in its rating and hits. The blog was started on 4th April 2010  and the hits going to cross 6 lakh in just three years. Around 1000 visitors are in constant touch with the blog daily. I am writing this post to explain the electronics content this  blog.

I have started the electronics hobby at the age of 20 and doing the work regularly for the past 35 years. More than 200 circuits have been published in Electronics for you magazine, the leading electronics magazine from India. Besides the circuits I am also contributing articles in electronics magazines and websites. My aim is to encourage the students who are interested in electronics hobby. So I am helping the students all over the world through online to build their School and Engineering projects. More than 200 students all over the world are in constant touch with me to clear their project work.

I am mainly concentrating in circuits which have  general interest and something attractive. So people like such work as indicated by their response through comments and emails. But along with this encouraging approach received from my readers, some people try to tarnish the publications in abusing language. I don’t know why this attitude arises. If a positive comment is added, it will be helpful for me as well as the readers. Pointing out the errors for correction, language etc are always welcome for a blogger because it will improve the writing skill. One of my readers makes very harsh criticism about my circuits. His main hobby is to snap shot my circuit and publishing the same in his website with abusing comments. He also post such comments in my blog but I am not moderating the same because the language is not suitable for a public site. He is not testing the circuits before making comment like “will not work”, “don’t do this”, “hazardous design” “poor design”, “rubbish circuit” “disaster” etc. I don’t know how one can confirm the working of the circuit without testing. He claims that he can confirm the working through visual observation only. Really a magic that cannot be done by any experts in electronics. His explanation is also not clear and without giving correct reference. I am giving the calculations and formula from standard books. If these are incorrect, then from where we get correct information. Believing his words? I don’t know. People will decide. When we criticize, the explanation should be in clear words and should be authentic. Unfortunately, his website is not an interacting one, so people cannot comment anything . It is like a Radio, we are forced to hear  but not able to say anything return. I am not giving his name and link because it will increase his popularity which he desires, I think. But the result of this is confusion among electronics students and beginners. Then they think that the circuits available in the Net (except his circuits, as he think) are useless and they will not try. This reduces the enthusiasm of beginners.

I have got one advantage from that person. He is spending lot of time for me and giving my name and website link. So the readers will visit my site also to confirms his words. This has an advantage. Readers can see many articles in addition to circuits and the hits increasing daily. So I am happy in that respect.

I am always doing the work like this. First conceive an idea which is useful for people. Then designing the circuit with minimum components but at the same time slightly complicated to study the components. Then I test the circuit in Bread board and confirm its working. Then only it will be published. I am not stick to too much theory because general values of the resistors and capacitors are sufficient for most circuits. If there is any problem in the working of the circuit, a wise person can rectify the defect easily. That is the way of studying electronics and not by merely observing the circuit and commenting, that anybody can do. Any way I am ignoring such comments because people knows how to assess a work  . Your feedback about the articles and circuits is always welcome.

Finally a True Fact

Till now , 6 Lakh guests visited my page. I thinks this includes lot of people from electronics field including experts, students, and teachers. No body except one, criticized my work. My site is an interactive one, so anybody can post a comment regarding the articles. If there is any error, it will be rectified immediately. So I am moving forward with lot of energy to add more content in my blog.

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I am very happy to say that my readers are active in forums to help me. Thanks.