Panic Button can help you in Emergency


If you have a car remote for key less entry, it can help you in emergency situations. It helps you just like a security person in night if there is an attempt of theft, threatening or an illness that requires emergency attention. Lock the car and keep the key with remote near the bed. Just inform the neighbours about this so that if the alarm sounds they can realize the situation. It is very useful in Flats and if the security person notices the activation of a particular car alarm, he will be alerted. This is highly useful both day and night ,if you are alone in the home .
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Conserve Power – More Star More energy efficient

Energy Sticker
Energy Star sticker is seen in current hungry appliances like Fridge and Air conditioner. This indicates the energy efficiency of the appliances. Energy star denotes the international standard of energy efficient products implemented in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy .It was started in United States of America. The Devices carrying the Energy Star service label generally use 20–30% less energy than required by federal standards. So by comparing the stars, the consumer can choose the model .
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Make your FM reception Hi Fi

FM radio is now popular everywhere because of its good reception quality (Hi -Fi -High Fidelity) and non stop programmes. It works in the Frequency Modulated (FM) band between 88 – 108 MHz which is free from air borne disturbances. Usually the FM reception is fine up to 10 Km then the reception strength ceases. But some stations give long range transmission. FM reception will be bad near Air ports, Air route signalling towers, Mobile towers etc due to signal jamming. You can improve the quality of FM reception by doing some tricks.
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