Make your FM reception Hi Fi

FM radio is now popular everywhere because of its good reception quality (Hi -Fi -High Fidelity) and non stop programmes. It works in the Frequency Modulated (FM) band between 88 – 108 MHz which is free from air borne disturbances. Usually the FM reception is fine up to 10 Km then the reception strength ceases. But some stations give long range transmission. FM reception will be bad near Air ports, Air route signalling towers, Mobile towers etc due to signal jamming. You can improve the quality of FM reception by doing some tricks.

1. Position and angle of FM radio – In some places of the room, FM radio will perform well. So select that place to keep the radio. Orientation of radio, – side to side- can also improve the sound.

2. Computer, Electronic tube light etc can cause some disturbance.

3. If the reception is poor in some stations, do this method. It is sometimes necessary during the first use. Take 3 meter plastic wire and just twist its one end to the antenna of radio and keep the wire up in some place. Do not touch the wire and move away from the radio. Using remote or button, keep the FM in Auto scan. It will scan all stations available and fix one by one. After that remove the wire.

4. Usually no external areal ( its has one telescopic antenna) is required for FM radio. If the the reception is not clear after auto scanning connect the wire as mentioned above and keep it permanently. Its position and length are important. Just move the wire and check which position is giving more reception. Keep there and move back. Our body will act as an areal so if the reception id good even after moving away from the radio choose that position. Its length should also be considered. If a long wire is giving disturbance, cut one foot from its tip and try. Repeat trimming until you get a good reception.

2 responses to “Make your FM reception Hi Fi

  1. can u help ?—
    I built a very basic FM radio circuit –from internet —
    using one BF 149 TRANSISTOR —and two bc 547 amp transistors for tiny speaker —but it never worked at all
    even with 2 bf 149 and various coils /antenna -not even a whisper

    what can I do do get a decent FM signal( my commercial FM radio reception is excellent —can u give me a improved circuit?