Panic Button can help you in Emergency


If you have a car remote for key less entry, it can help you in emergency situations. It helps you just like a security person in night if there is an attempt of theft, threatening or an illness that requires emergency attention. Lock the car and keep the key with remote near the bed. Just inform the neighbours about this so that if the alarm sounds they can realize the situation. It is very useful in Flats and if the security person notices the activation of a particular car alarm, he will be alerted. This is highly useful both day and night ,if you are alone in the home .

The Remote has 3 buttons-one for lock, second for unlock and third one for emergency. By pressing the red colored button (it has a speaker symbol), the alarm generates a loud sound with flashing head lights. This button is meant to seek attention in emergency situation during vehicle driving and also to locate the vehicle in heavily parked area. This has two settings. A single press will give a chirping sound during lock and unlock. If the button is pressed for some time, it turns into alarm mode and panic alarm system will be activated. The alarm stops after completing one cycle or remains active till the unlock button is pressed or battery drains completely. Adjust the sensitivity of the system to the desired level to avoid false triggering when somebody is near the vehicle or a vehicle passes nearby. Use the manual to set the sensitivity of the alarm.