Trick to test Remote

Remote is now an inevitable part of our life to operate may electronic devices. Remote is an Infrared transmitter giving coded signals to the IR Sensor of the device. The circuit inside the device decodes the signals from remote and do the jobs accordingly. Remote fails due to 3 reasons. 1. Dead battery 2. Loose contact or Rust in the battery terminals. 3. Failure of Infrared LED. So before repairing or purchasing a new remote, just try this simple trouble shooting.

1. Check the battery and replace new one. If problem persist …..

2. Clean the terminals in the battery compartment using a knife or sandpaper. Clean with cloth and replace the battery. If there is loose contact, just pull the spring type negative terminal and replace the battery. If the battery is not fixed properly, use a bit of thermocol or hard board between the batteries to hold them in place. Replace the cover and check. If problem persist…

3. Just check the Infrared LED on the front side. Since Infrared is invisible to eye we cannot see its light. So do this trick. Focus Mobile phone camera or Digital camera to the IR LED and press any key. If IR LED is OK, you can see the flashing Violet light which is infrared. If the IR LED is working properly, the Remote is good and the problem will be in the IR sensor of the device.

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