How to reduce power consumption in Fridge


The only electrical appliance that is switched on continuously is the Fridge and it takes around 50% of the total current consumed in a day. That means, if your daily consumption is 4 units, the Fridge alone takes 2 units. Even the most modern Energy Star type consumes 1.5 units in a day. You can check this easily. Note the meter reading and take another reading after 24 hours. The difference is the Units in a day. Then unplug the Fridge for one day and use other devices as usual. Take the reading after 24 hours. You can see how much unit is consumed by the Fridge in a day. If it is more than 2 units, it is time to replace the Fridge. So to reduce the electricity bill, the only way is to monitor the Fridge. A 10 year old Fridge consumes double power than a new one. By doing some tricks, we can save around 0.5 units per day.
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