How to solve SSL Error

Sometimes when we open Facebook or Gmail, the page will not open and prompts as “SSL Error”. What is this SSL means? It is the “Secure Socket Layer” which is the security system used by browsers especially the Google Chrome for secure login. How this SSL error occurs? SSL works based on the Security certificates authenticated during the browser installation.  The browser works only if the date and time of the computer is up-to-date. Sometimes the date and time may change automatically if the computer is shutdown incorrectly. Switch off  through UPS, Power failure, Battery flat in Laptops etc causes this error. So what will do if the SSL error appears?
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How does the Computer keeps Calendar?

As you know, even if the computer is shut down, it shows the date and time exactly when we boot it again. How this happens, even if the power is completely shut down? The magic is done by the CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semi conductor) circuitry powered by a small 3 volt Lithium CMOS battery.

The computer has three separate clock systems.
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