SCR and its Applications.Design Note 1


Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) is a kind of semi conductor device used in switching applications. When a positive voltage is applied to its gate, SCR conducts and latches. It remains conductive even if its gate current is removed. The latched SCR can be switched off by removing its Anode current.
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Amplifier for Mobile Phone


You can use this simple Amplifier to hear Music from Mobile Phone or MP3 player. It gives very clear sound through two 8 ohm speakers. It uses two identical circuits for Stereo operation. IC LM386 is the low power Amplifier IC ideal for battery operation. The output from Mobile phone is Pre amplified so that it can be provided to the input of the Amplifier using a Stereo jack. The filter circuit comprising resistors and capacitors at the front end filters the audio entering into the amplifier to give clear sound.

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