RF Wireless Module. Design Note 6

433 MHz Wireless moduleRF Wireless Module pair 433 are excellent Transmitter ( Tx) and Receiver ( Rx ) transmitting signals  in the UHF band  at 433 MHz . These modules can be used to transmit and receive data, voice or other signals like IR pulses to remote places. The Wireless modules works off 5 volt DC and a regulated power supply is required. It is useful in various Microcontroller applications.

The Transmitter module can work in 9 volt regulated power supply while Receiver requires 5 volts. Signal can be fed to the data input( pin2) of transmitter which sends out the data through the antenna connected to its pin 4. The receiver module has pin8 as input for the antenna and gives digital output through its pin 2. The Receiver also has a Linear out at pin 3.
Pin configuration of the Tx and Rx modules are shown below


Transmitter Tx
Working voltage : 3-12 V DC
Working current :Min 9 mA , Max 40 Ma
Resonance mode : Sound wave resonance
Working frequency: 315MHz-433.92MHz
Transmission power: 25mW (315MHz at 12V)
Velocity : ≤10Kbps
Aerial Length: 24cm (315MHz), 18cm(433.92MHz)

Receiver Rx
Working voltage: 5.0 VDc
Working current: 2.5mA (5.0VDc)
Operating frequency: 315MHz, 433.92MHz
Bandwidth: 2MHz
Sensitivity: –105dBm (50Ω)
Output signal: TTL electric level signal entire transmit