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TL 431 Shunt Regulator. Design Note 11

TL 431 is an Adjustable Precision Zener Shunt regulator that can be used to get a desired output voltage from a power supply. It’s output voltage can be set to any value between 2.5 volts and 36 volts using a voltage divider comprising two resistors. It can be used to design, Battery Monitors, Battery chargers etc. Along with two resistors, TL431 give a regulated precise output voltage. Here we discuss how TL431 is used to make a Battery monitor for Solar powered Inverter and a 5 volt power supply.
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BT 8031 Melody IC. Design Note 10

BT 8031 –XX series is a CMOS LCI chip is a double sound source with a ROM to play prearranged melodies. The ROM has 127 words and can store upto two melodies with double sound sources. The IC is a three pin type like the popular melody IC UM66. It works between 2-5 volts and ideal voltage is between 2.2V to 3.1V and has very low current consumption ideal for use in battery power supply. Its output cannot drive a speaker directly, so a transistor amplifier is needed.
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