TDA 1554 Amplifier. Design Note 14


IC TDA 1554 Q is a class B output amplifier IC in a 17 lead single in line package. The IC contains 4 x 11 Watts single ended or 2 x 22 Watts Bridge amplifiers. IC TDA 1554Q is mainly used in Car Stereo Amplifiers and requires only a few components to make a good quality Stereo amplifier. It works off 12 to 18 volts DC which can be derived from a 12 volt 2 Amps power supply.

TDA 1554 contains 4 identical amplifiers with differential input stages (2 inverting and 2 non inverting inputs).The gain of each amplifier is fixed at 20 dB.

Pins of TDA 1554Q

Fig 1 shows the Stereo amplifier using TDA 1554Q. It is designed to give 22 Watts output by bridging the inputs. Left and Right channels from the Pre Amplifier go to the corresponding inputs and the outputs are bridged to drive two 22 Watts speakers directly.



Fig.2 shows the power supply for the amplifier. Generally, the Audio amplifiers require well regulated power supply to eliminate noise from the speakers. So high value (2200 uF and 1000 uF) capacitors are used for filtering. More over the negative rail is grounded to the metal chasis for the clean operation of the Amplifier.



Use a heat sink for the IC.