Audio Amplifier. Design Note 22

TDA2002As a Hobbyist, you need simple amplifier circuits to make audio projects. Here explains the design of two Simple Amplifier circuits using IC BEL 1895 and TDA 2002.

1 Watt Audio Amplifier using BEL 1895
BEL 1895 is a nice Amplifier IC that gives clear audio 1 W out put through a 8 Ohms speaker. It is ideal to make a portable amplifier for the Mobile phone, MP3 player etc. BEL 1895 works off 3 to 6 volts, so two 1.5 volt pen cells are sufficient to power the circuit. No explanation is needed for the circuit. Just wire like this and enjoy its performance.Fig.1 shows the Audio amplifier using BEL 1895. Connect the audio out from the Mobile phone or FM radio to the inputs observing the polarity.


Fig.2 shows the Mic amplifier using BEL 1895 IC. You can make a Mini addressing system or Intercom ( 2 units required) using this design.



8 Watt Audio Amplifier using TDA 2002

TDA 2002 is a powerful audio Amplifier ideal for public addressing system in a room or to amplify the sound from a Music system. It works off 9-16 volts. This IC needs a Heat Sink.Fig.3 shows the design of Amplifier using TDA 2002.