LCD TV Protector. Design Note 25

SIMAGEometimes you need a simple circuit to protect the Electronic gadgets like LCD TV from voltage fluctuations. Normal domestic power supply is 230 volts at 50Hz in most countries. But this voltage may not remain steady and may go as high as 250 volts or as low as 180 volts. Complaints in the distribution transformer, operation of heavy current appliances like flour mill, welding machine etc in the nearby places can cause severe voltage fluctuations in the lines. A good stabilizer with Buck / Boost facility can solve the problem, but still it is interesting to make this circuit and it costs less than Rs.100.It cut off the power supply to the gadget connected when the voltage increases above 230 volts and decreases below 200 volts.
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Understanding Symbols. Design Note 24

COMPONENTSAn Electronics Hobbyist needs to know the symbols of the electronic components in the Circuit diagram. Before starting the construction of a circuit, it is necessary to study the circuit diagram first. It has a number of symbols with the values marked. There are different symbols for representing the components. So it is necessary to study the symbols generally appearing in circuits.
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Understanding Capacitors. Design Note 23

TANTALUM As you know, Capacitors are inevitable parts of an electronic circuit, without which the circuit design is incomplete. Different types of capacitors are used in electronic circuits; each performs a function in the circuit. But basically, all the capacitors act as energy storing and transferring devices. Let us discuss the capacitor types, identification methods and functions.
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