LED Chaser .Simple Design 13

You can make a simple LED Chaser circuit using only a few components. Try it and enjoy its working.

IC1 ( NE 555) is used as an Astable multivibrator that gives output pulses around 1 Hz with the oscillating components R1,R2 and C1. The output pulses from IC1 are given to the input (pin14) of the Decade counter IC2 (CD4017). It has 10 outputs and 6 outputs are used for driving the LEDs. 7th output pin 9 is connected to the reset pin 15 so that the counter stops and the cycle repeats. This gives the running display of LEDs.

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3 responses to “LED Chaser .Simple Design 13

  1. But the clue is that, I don’t the
    if the voltage developed in the
    transformerless supply is of
    significant use in the
    Could u pls devise the way in
    which you get the values of of
    the resistor .
    Thanks in anticipation.

  2. Nice circuit to work with.
    My question is not based on this cirxuit , but on a transformerless power supply.
    Is it possible to connect 10 parallel LED to a transformerless power supply using a 105j x rated capacitor without using zener?
    Urgent response please.

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