TCRT 5000 Reflective Sensor. Component Guide 8

Reflective-Optical-Sensor-TTCRT 5000 is a highly sensitive IR reflective Sensor that has an IR lED and a Phototransistor in a common package. It is an ideal module for projects like Robotics, Position sensing, Detection of Reflective materials etc. Its range is 2-10 mm and best response range is 3 mm.
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MOC 3041 Triac Driver. Component Guide 7.

MOC-3041MOC 3041 is the Optoisolated Triac Driver that can be  used to isolate AC portion of the circuit from DC operated circuit board. It helps to prevents the damage of DC circuit when there is an accidental leakage of AC in Triac controlled lamp driver circuits.
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LM 1117 Fixed Voltage Regulator. Component Guide 6

LM1117-Voltage-regulatorLM 1117 is the tiny Fixed Voltage Regulator that drops 5 Volt DC to fixed 3.3 V DC. It can output maximum 800 mA. Like 78XX series Voltage regulators, LM1117 is also a three pin device with In, Out and Ground pins. Ideal Voltage regulator for Microcontroller and Arduino Projects that needs fixed 3.3 volts.
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Lithium Ion Charger Chip. Component Guide 5

TP-4056-CHIP TP 4056 is a Constant voltage – Constant current Chip used for charging a single 3.6 V Lithium Ion battery from 5 volt power source including USB port. It sources constant 4.6 volts for charging. An external Programming resistor can be used to provide constant current for charging. The Chip can handle up to 1 Ampere current. It has internal protection circuitry for polarity reversal, so external diode is not necessary.

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Vibration Sensor. Component Guide 4

VIBRATION-SENSOR-2An Ultra sensitive Vibration Sensor SW 18020 P is now available from the Gaoxin. It can be used in different ways to sense mechanical vibrations to activate alarms and other surveillance systems and a variety of vibration detection projects.
The Vibration sensor has two electrical contacts which are not connected in idle condition. When an external force is applied due to movement or vibration , the Sensor’s contacts close. When the force is removed, the sensor terminal returns back to open contacts. The internal spring closes the contacts during vibration which triggers the circuit connected to it.
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