LED Bulb Hacked. Home Utility Circuit 8

LED-BULBWe all use LED bulbs today to save energy. Different types of LED bulbs ranging from 3 Watts to 15 Watts are now available at low cost. The LED bulb has an array of serially connected 0.5 watt Chip LEDs and a small capacitor power supply. We can also easily make the LED bulb. Let us see what is inside the LED bulb and the circuit operating it.
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Non Contact AC Tester. Home Utility Circuit 7

IMAGEThis circuit is highly useful to detect the presence of AC in mains wiring without making contact with AC line. The circuit can be used as a Non Contact AC tester to test the live and broken wire. It is highly useful to check breaks in the concealed wiring. The Flashing of LED indicates the presence of AC. The circuit can detect 50 Hz Ac hum from a distance of I foot.
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