Bread board power supply. Home Utility Circuit.16

1AThis Project is for the Circuit designers. Lot of projects are experimented in Bread board and Perf boards before finalising the project. So these projects need a power supply to test. Usually a 9V PP3 battery is used to power the bread board. So here is a compact Portable Power supply unit for the Bread board experiments. The Power supply includes
1. A charger indicator for the 9V rechargeable battery
2. A battery voltage monitor
3. Output sockets for charging and tapping power to bread board.
4. An LED light for the bread board working
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Charge Indicator. Home Utility Circuit .15

1BHere is a simple solution to confirm whether a battery is charging or not. This tiny circuit can be hooked between the charger and the 9V or 12V battery. When the circuit is connected to the charger, LED remains off. But when the battery is connected, LED turns on. At first, the LED brilliantly lit indicating that current is flowing to the battery. Once the battery is fully charged LED turns dim. So it confirms
1. Battery is properly connected
2. Current is flowing from the charger to the battery.
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