Neodymium Magnet Idea 1. Start Up Project 9

NEODYMIUM-MAGNETHow many Neodymium Magnets are resting in your Junk box without any job. Give some job to them. It is fun to use the Neodymium magnets for alternate jobs. You can make a 12 volt power supply and a 6 volt Emergency Mobile Charger with the assistance of Neodymium Magnets. Let us start.

Neodymium Magnet is also called as Neo Magnet and is the most widely used magnets now. It is a kind of Rare earth Magnet and the permanent magnet of strongest type commercially available now . If two magnets are coming close to 15 cm, they will attract and join with a sudden jerk. That much powerful. It is made up of an alloy of Neodymium, Iron and Boron. In local market, Neodymium Magnets cost much around Rs.60-90 / Magnet but you can buy it in e-bay for just Rs. 90 for 30 Magnets.

Caution: Handle Neodymium Magnets with care. Its strong attraction with another magnet or metals may cause injuries in the hands. So handle with care.

Now we can do two simple projects with the help of Neodymium Magnets. First we can make a 12 volt power supply using Four 3 V Button cells. Generally, two Button cell holders are available but a four cell holder is rarely available. When we place four 3 V cells in series, we get 12V, 500 mA power supply. How to make such a unit without a holder or soldering? Neodymium magnets will assist to avoid the battery holder and soldering of wires.


Sandwich the Batteries in between the Neodymium magnets in series. So all the batteries and the Neodymium magnets remains as a strong unit due to attraction. One end of the unit is + and the other end -. Simply give two Alligator clips to both sides. They will be firm with the battery unit. You can now use the 12 volt power for your project.



Now we can make an Emergency Mobile charger using two 3V Batteries and Neodymium magnets. The Mobile phone requires 4.5V to 6V DC for charging. Sandwich two batteries between the Neodymium magnets in series. So you get 6 V. Now connect the wires of the Alligator clips to an USB Socket with correct polarity. Place the Alligator clips to the sides of the battery unit and plug the USB cable of the Mobile Phone to the USB socket. Lol! It is charging.