Boost Charger for Mobile Phone Battery. Start Up Project 13.

A1Why allowing Mobile Phone battery for a “Deep Sleep”. Many times we replace the Mobile battery without knowing this Deep sleep property of the battery. Actually the battery is good and we can easily revive the battery from deep sleep just giving a “Shock”. The trick is very simple and you can use the battery again. How the Mobile battery enters into deep sleep? In the Mobile phone battery, there are three pins to connect the battery. One is Positive and the second one is Negative for charging. Then why a third pin? It is known as BSI Pin (Battery Status Indicator). If we are not properly charging or leaving the battery unattended for long time, the Mobile phone will not detect the battery for charging. So by removing the battery and giving a “Boost pulse”, the battery will “Wake up” from sleep and starts charging. Best trick. You need only an USB cable and two pins. You save 350 -500 Rupees. Let us learn the trick.

Mobile phone battery requires only two pins for charging, then why there is a third pin? The question is definitely a curiosity generating one. The third pin called BSI pin performs very important functions and act as an interface between the Mobile phone and the Battery. When the battery is removed, without switching off the Mobile phone, the BSI circuit is first interrupted which convey the information to the processor to shut down all communications to prevent damage. To communicate with the BSI, the battery pack also has a BSI pin. BSI stands for Battery Status Indicator or Battery System Indicator. BSI always senses the condition of battery and communicates the same to the Mobile phone for charging. If an error occurs, BSI will not detect the battery condition and it never charges.
You need the following
1. USB cable
2. Header pins or Paper pins

Just cut the USB cable and you can see four wires coming from it. One will be Red as positive and second will be Black as negative. These are the wires giving charge to the battery. In addition to this there are two more wires. A White wire will be the Data + ( Data In ) wire sending data into the device .The Green or Blue wire will be the Data- ( Data Out) wire taking data from the device.

We need only Red and Black wires. So cut the other two wires.

Then place the header pin in the battery contacts to know the position. Keep only the Header pins that make contact with the positive and negative contacts of the battery. Remove the other pins just by pulling.

Solder the Header pin to the Red and Black wires.


Then insert the pins to the battery contact observing the polarity. Battery has + and markings near the contacts. In some battery, it is difficult to insert the Header pins. In that case use a cello tape to stick the pins. You can also press the pins over the contacts during the boost charging.


Then connect the USB cable to the charger. Charge the battery for 5-10 minutes. Here comes the trick. We are avoiding the BSI pin so that the Lithium Ion battery behaves like an ordinary battery because there is no hindrance from the BSI pin. So it awake from Sleep. After few minutes, the battery regains the lost charging ability and starts charging. Now remove the arrangement and charge the battery in the Mobile phone. Best trick. You save 35-500 Rupees.


In some battery , pin arrangement will be different. So select the header pins suitable for connecting + and – contacts