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Solar Day Light. Start Up Project 15

1Why use lights during day time to waste electricity? Sometimes we need it in some rooms. We can go for a “Green Solution” to harvest Solar energy for lighting an LED light during day time. Just fix a small Solar panel and a Strip LED. It needs no battery  because the solar panel itself acts as a battery. It generates DC voltage when the Photons of the Sunlight energize its semiconductor. So the light remains on throughout day time. You need only a 12V Solar panel and a Strip LED. Connect and relax. It will do its work for 20 years. No circuit is in it and you can easily connect it.

You need a 12 volt 5 watt Solar Panel and a 12V Strip LED panel. Usually in bright sunlight, the open circuit voltage of the 12 V panel will be between 14-18V. In 5 watt solar panel, current will be 400 mA. As a rule, for each watt, there will be 80 mA current. So 5 watt gives 400 mA. This is sufficient to light a 10 watt LED or Strip LED panel.
The solar panel has two terminals marked as + and . Connect Red and Black wires to the + and – terminals. Connect these wires to the + and – wires of Strip LED. That all. The light starts to turn on around 6 am and remains on till 6 pm.