Magnetic Tools. Start Up Project 17

2AIt is a time consuming job to search small nuts and screws if lost somewhere when we open a gadget. Most of the electronic devices like Mobile phone, Laptop etc use different types of small screws which we can’t get from shops once lost. It is very difficult to see these tiny screws if fall in between the circuit or floor. So this is a simple trick to secure all the screws once unscrewed. Neodymium magnets will help us to secure the screws. Make these Magnetic tools because it is a must for the technician or a project builder.

You need only two Neodymium magnets, a small box and a used Marker pen. One Neodymium magnet should be small circular one and another a large circular or rectangular one. Glue the small circular magnet at the tip of the Marker pen. That’s all. This Magnetic tool can catch the screws fall deep into the case of the gadget where our fingers usually do not reach. Glue the large magnet inside the box and close the box. You can place all screws, nuts and washers over it. The Magnet will hold all over the box.


What is the Neodymium Magnet?
Neodymium Magnet also called Neo Magnet is the most widely used magnets now. It is a kind of Rare earth Magnet and the permanent magnet of strongest type magnets commercially available now. If two magnets are coming close to 15 cm, they will attract and join with a sudden jerk. That much powerful. It is made up of an alloy of Neodymium, Iron and Boron.

Caution: Handle Neodymium Magnets with care. Its strong attraction with another magnet or metals may cause injuries in the hands. So handle with care.