Pocket Mobile Charger. Start Up Project 20

6ANo wonder, technology is that much advanced. You can charge your Mobile phone from a single Pen cell or even from a watch battery. The Mobile battery needs 5V for charging and the Pen cell has only 1.5 volt. How it is possible? There comes the help of DC-DC Booster Module with USB. It converts a voltage as low as 0.9V (900 mV) to 5.1 Volt. Its input voltage can be between 0.9V to 5V so it provides 5.1-5.2 V out put through the USB socket. So you can connect any USB device that requires 5V. Irrespective of the low input voltage, the output remains constant as 5.1V. The Module that works on 1.5V AA cell provides 200 mA current while two AA cells give 600 mA current. Let us build one Pocket Mobile charger. It is too small and costs only Rs.100
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