Portable Bread Board Power Supply. Start Up Project 21

5AYou can carry this Portable bread board power supply to do electronics work outdoor. Keep this in your bag along with some components so that you can enjoy the holidays with the fun of electronics. This Mini bread board is powered by a 3 volt Lithium cell.  A DC-DC booster Module converts the 3V to 5.1V for the Bread board. You can also enjoy  Music from MP3 player, or even charge your Mobile Phone from the Power supply. So make this three in one power supply. Its cost is Rs.150.

The Lithium Battery CR 2032 is the commonly available battery used in Remotes and Computer CPU. It is rated 3V with a current capacity of 225 mAh. Its costs only Rs.20.

See keep a few Lithium cell along with your Power supply. Voltage is not a problem since the DC-DC Booster Module converts even 0.9V to 5V. But if you use the battery for charging the Mobile, it will drain the current considerably. If you use it for Projects only, the battery lasts many days since most of the project working in 5V requires only very little current.

You need the following
1. 0.9 tO 5V DC-DC Booster Module
2. 3V Lithium Battery CR 2032
3. Mini Bread board
4. Hook up wires
5. 3V Battery holder

Solder the pins of the battery holder to the input of the DC-DC Booster module with correct polarity. Solder the Hook up wires to the output of the Module with correct polarity.  Check the + and of the USB socket connections before soldering the Hook up wires. The power supply is ready.

Insert the battery in the holder. 5.1V output will be available both in the Hook up wires and the USB socket.

Connect the Hook up wires to the Bread board. 5.1V DC will be available in the board for the project.

You can charge the MP3 player or play it.
You can also charge the Mobile Phone if needed.