LED Bulb Analysis. Start Up Project 23

1AOne of my LED Bulbs showed some unusual behaviour during the Peak hours. Unusual dimming, flickering, lighting faintly after switch off etc. It is a 15 watts LED bulb purchased for Rs.300. Checked its specifications. It is 980 Lm and 6500 K . That showed that there is something related to Watts, Lm and the K. The manufactures say that, instead of Watts, look the Lm before purchasing the LED bulb because “Watts” is an obsolete term for the LED bulb. Then what are the Lm and K? Lm is the short form of “Lumen” which is the measure of total amount of light from a source. As a general rule, a 100 watts ordinary bulb gives 1500 lumen light. K is the short form of “Kelvin” which is the measure of “Colour Temperature “of light. For example, the day light has 5000 K and a White LED Bulb gives around 6000 K . As the Colour temperature value increases, the light turns more and more white then turns to blue. Lower values of K shows Yellow to Red light. So as per the specification, the LED bulb should give 980 Lumens and 6500 K light. Ideal its specifications. Then what is happening in it. Analysed thoroughly.
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