DC-DC Converter Module. Application Circuit 6

This is an excellent DC- DC Converter Module that can adjust the output voltage to any desired value, even fractions from 0 V to 17 V. It is a very good Variable Power supply Module. But pressing the switch we can adjust the output voltage. It can handle a Peak current of 3 Amps. The output voltage and current are displayed in an LCD Screen that has back light. If the input voltage is from a Battery, the LCD display shows the Battery Level also.  Input voltage can be between 5V and 23 V but the best voltage is 20 V. It has 95% conversion efficiency and 1% LCD accuracy. It is available with a transparent casing. You can fix it in the case provided along with the Module.It can be connected to the Bread board so that we can determine the current consumed by the project.  Its cost is just Rs.350.

How to Calibrate?
1. Hold the Left button and provide input voltage. When the display starts flashing, release the button. Display will show a voltage around 5V. Turn off power and then turn on.
2. Using a Multimeter, measure the output voltage. It can be near 5V. If it is above 5V or below 5V, repeat the Calibration.
3.  After few calibrations, you get equal voltage both in the LCD display and in the Multimeter. You can see a voltage near to 5V (4.9, 5.1 V etc). Errors can be calculated in 0.04 V. If the error is more, calibrate again. A variation in few Milli volts can be ignored. This can be due the error in the Multimeter.
4. Provide any input voltage above 5V. Maximum input voltage is 20 V.
5. Press Right button to get desired output voltage.
6. Connect the load, to the output. You can see the current drawing by the load. It can be between 0.01 A ( 10 mA ) to 3 Amps maximum, if the input supply has 3Amps rating.
7. Right button is for increasing the output voltage while the Left button is for decreasing the output voltage.

Load connected is 10 Watt LED. It is drawing 260 mA current


Load connected is 10 mm White LED

A Proximity Sensor circuit is connected as load. It is consuming 30 mA current in Standby

When the Proximity Sensor becomes active, it is consuming 140 mA current.