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Power Supply Box

This Power supply box can be used to interface with the High current Bench power supply made from the SMPS of Computer. The Power supply box has a DC-DC Converter cum Booster module, A Volt Meter and an Ammeter to show output voltage and current consumed by the load.

Input to the power supply can be as low as 4.5 V and output can be increased up to 33 volts by turning the Pot of the DC-DC Booster module. So if we provide 4.5 V as input, output can be increased up to 33 volts. Current to the load depends on the input current.

The SMPS can give 20 Amps at 5 V DC. The Power supply box can be used to power projects, LED lights and as a high current charger for all batteries from Mobile battery to Car battery. When the voltage increases, current to the load can also increases. We can see the current consumed by the load in the Ammeter. But the current consumed depends on the load’s requirement.