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How to find out the Timing in CD 4060 IC

CD 4060 is the Binary counter IC used in Timer circuits. It has 10 outputs that turns on one by one based on the timing components. Let us check its working
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How to determine the current in X rated capacitors

High volt X rated capacitors are used to make Transformerless power supply. But the current delivering capacity of such power supply is very low generally less than 100 mA. Let us see how to select a Capacitor to get required current
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How to make a Mini Power Bank

Don’t throw away the old Mobile battery. The high efficiency Lithium Ion battery can be reused to make a Mini Power bank useful as a Travel Mobile charger. For this, you needs a Lithium battery charger Module and a Mobile charger module in addition to the battery. Both modules will cost around Rs.100.
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